Jaspat Consumer Agreement / Terms and Conditions

Section 1 – Introduction
  1. The purpose of the INCLUSIVE SHARING ECONOMIC MODEL of JASPAT INTERNATIONAL / NETWORK CONSUMING / PEOPLE HELPING PEOPLE/PROFIT-SHARING DISRIBUTION CONCEPT / Business Model, Profit-Sharing application, policies and procedures, which is incorporated by reference herein, (collectively referred to as “The Agreement”) is to establish the applicant as a Consumer in the JASPAT Network Consuming – Network Consuming/People Helping People/Profit-Sharing Distribution Concept/(herein referred to as the “Business Model” and/or “Business Program”). You must read and understand these policies and procedures prior to enter into this agreement.
  2. You must comply with all policies and procedures set forth in the agreement, as well as honor all applicable laws and regulations in Singapore as well as the country of operation where the business model is being operated.
  3. The words “the Company” and “JASPAT” when used in this document refer to JASPAT INTERNATIONAL 2018 (S) PTE. LTD. The words “the Consumer” when used in this document refer to “JASPAT Consumer” of the Company.
  4. The Company may amend the agreement and Redemption Points of JASPAT Products and/or Services from time to time, with notification of such changes being made.
  5. Any provision found to be invalid, or unenforceable, JASPAT may amend or delete that particular provision. Such amendments or deletion of any clause or provision will not affect the remaining clauses and provisions which will continue to be in effect.
  6. Compliance with the agreement or with applicable laws and regulations governing business conduct is required. Any policy waived in any rare circumstances must be conveyed in writing by the Company and such waiver will only apply to that specific situation.
Section 2 – Becoming a JASPAT Consumer
  1. Any individual, and/or business partnerships, and/or companies or corporations established under the laws of the operating country in which such individual has a majority or controlling interest, are eligible to become a JASPAT Consumer.
  2. Register through www.jaspat2018.com or mobile app.
  3. As for partnerships and corporations, appropriate documents such as a Certificate of Incorporation or Business Name Registration is required. All forms must be signed by an authorized officer of the corporation. Applying by partnership will require all partners to sign all forms.
  4. Review all policies and procedures before acknowledging and submitting the agreement to the Company.
  5. Make an Initial Purchase of a minimal sum of Singapore Dollars Ten (S$10) of JASPAT products to confirm your application.
  6. Once correct payment is made to the Company and application authenticated, you may start sharing and recommending people you know by performing the same procedure to make an initial purchase of a minimal sum of Singapore Dollars Ten (S$10) of JASPAT products to confirm the application.
  7. The more people you share and recommend, the more Profit-Sharing you will receive.
  8. To qualify to receive Profit-Sharing for the upcoming month, you must meet the basic requirement of a minimal monthly redemption of SGD$50 and/or 50 Redemption Value (RV) of JASPAT Products and/or Services.
  9. As you are not an independent distributor of the Company, you are not allowed to retail, wholesale or sell any Products and/or Services of the Company to another person. The Products and/or Services you have purchased/redeemed are for your own consumption only.
  10. It is clear that this agreement does not create an employer/employee relationship, partnership, or joint venture between the Company and you. You are not an independent distributor of the Company. You remain as JASPAT Consumer of the Company.
  11. JASPAT INTERNATIONAL reserve all rights to reject any application and reserved all rights to provide no explanation.
  1. The Company may amend the business program and/or text and information from time to time.
  2. To prevent any misinterpretations of the Company, Business Program, Products and/or Services, the following procedures shall apply:
    • It is important that all JASPAT Consumer do not create, publish and/or distribute any materials (literature, merchandise, audio or video materials, etc.) other than those approved by the Company;
    • All consumers are not permitted to re-label and/or re-package any JASPAT Products and/or Services;
    • All consumers must not record or reproduce materials from any JASPAT event without the written consent of the Company;
    • All consumers must not advertise on any media (television, radio, newspapers, magazines, any electronic media such as internet, etc.) without the written consent of the Company;
    • All consumers are not permitted to use any JASPAT Trademark or corporate logo for any purpose (printing of name cards, advertising, promotion, etc. without the written consent and approval of the Company);
    • All consumers are not allowed to display the Company’s products or materials in any other commercial outlets (pharmacies, health food stores, grocery stores, etc.) without the written consent of the Company.
  3. You must not make or exaggerate any therapeutic or other claims about the Products and/or Services to induce any person into buying the Products and/or Services of the Company.
  4. In any circumstances, when presenting the Company and Business Program, you may only offer some possible Profit- Sharing projections but not to guarantee anyone a guaranteed Profit-Sharing.
  5. JASPAT Consumer who failed to meet the requirements specified in the business program, may face the risk of having their status disqualified and forfeited.
  6. Any Profit-Sharing received by JASPAT Consumer by virtue of sharing and recommending may be subjected to the Income Tax of their country of origin. It is the responsibility of the consumer to undertake that any such income derived via Profit-Sharing will be duly returned by themselves (not the Company) to the respective Taxation Office in accordance to the provisions of the Income Tax Assessment Act, failure to do as required by the law may result in the Company suspending all privileges of a JASPAT Consumer.
  7. A copy of the acknowledgement of Tax Declaration Report from the respective Tax Office must be presented to JASPAT INTERNATIONAL for verification of individual JASPAT Consumer to assess their qualification to continue to enjoy their Profit-Sharing privilege.
  8. JASPAT Consumer who failed to make correct Tax Declaration to their respective Tax Office will be subjected to a disqualification and cancellation of their JASPAT Consumer status with JASPAT INTERNATIONAL 2018 (S) Pte. Ltd.
  9. A JASPAT Consumer status and rights is basically not transferrable unless a consumer dies or becomes incapacitated, his/her status and rights will then be pass to his/her successor. Proof of death or incapacitation, along with proof of succession must be provided in such cases. Succession of such status and rights must be approved by the Company before the inheritance takes effect. Otherwise, all rights to it will be contributed to the beneficiary Global Community Development Fund (GCDF) of JASPAT INTERNATIONAL and/or Charity Fund of JASPAT INTERNATIONAL.
  10. JASPAT Consumer who failed to meet the requirements specified in the business program, may face the risk of having their status disqualified and forfeited.
Section 4 – Administrative Working Procedure
  1. All signed forms or applications and payment must be submitted to the Company asap to facilitate authentication and approval.
  2. All banking must be made to JASPAT INTERNATIONAL 2018 (S) PTE. LTD. only.
  3. Dateline for computerization of Profit-Sharing, i.e. processing of all purchase/redemption orders shall be close by the last day of each fiscal month at 2359 hours.
  4. After deducting the compulsory 20% contribution to Global Community Development Fund (GCDF) plus 10% Redemption and Singapore Tax Deduction, the balance amount receivable by JASPAT Consumer shall be transferred to their JASPAT E-Wallet interest free.
  5. Request to pay out Profit-Sharing from JASPAT E-Wallet to JASPAT Consumer must be perform online by JASPAT Consumer. JASPAT International will execute and complete the due withdrawal request within 30 days from the date of application.
  6. Profit-Sharing for foreign JASPAT Consumer will be remitted into the bank account provided during application via bank transfer. JASPAT Consumer shall be liable for any and all bank charges incurred for the telegraphic transfer bank services.
  7. All JASPAT Consumers are to verify and retrieve their Profit-Sharing and report discrepancy, if any, in writing to the local representative office within 7 days of receiving bank payment. Beyond this given grace period would render the banking amount exact and correct.
Section 5 – Products and/or Services Insurance
  1. Insurance coverage for Products and/or Services of JASPAT INTERNATIONAL to protect the Company and the consumers against claims, if any, arising from the use of the Products and/or Services of the Company.
Section 6 – Products and/or Services Returns
  1. JASPAT warrants the quality of all Products and/or Services. Generally sales of all Products and/or Services is final. Such item is not entitled for exchange. No refund, exchanges or credits will be given unless the request qualifies the following conditions for consideration:
    • All damaged or defective items with the original receipt of business transaction must be returned to the Company within the 7 days grace period. The damaged or defective item will be replaced with a new one.
Section 7 – Mode of Application and Purchase/Redemption
  1. Application for the status of JASPAT Consumer can only be made through online app. To complete the process of application, applicant will need to fill in all personal particulars as required per application form.
  2. Applicant will be notified through mode of information provided in the application.
  3. Successful JASPAT Consumer can start to share and recommend with other people to enjoy financial benefits from the INCLUSIVE SHARING ECONOMIC MODEL of JASPAT INTERNATIONAL/NETWORK CONSUMING/PEOPLE HELPING PEOPLE/PROFIT-SHARING DISRIBUTION CONCEPT/ Business Model.
  4. Future redemption of JASPAT Products and/or Services with JASPAT Redemption Points will only be accepted through online service(s) only.
  5. Redemption of Products and/or Services by JASPAT Consumer must be submitted to the Company not later than the last day of the following Fiscal Month at 2359 hours (Redemption SOP). Delivery of Redemption of JASPAT Products and/or Services to JASPAT Consumer will be completed as soon as possible (ASAP).
  6. Failure to redeem JASPAT Products and/or Services before the expiry period would render it void and null and the said value will be calculated and converted into 10% cash value to be redirected to Contribution to Global Community Development Fund (GCDF) of JASPAT INTERNATIONAL to be arranged, allocated and executed by the Company.
Section 8 – Transportation/Postage Charges
  1. JASPAT Consumer shall bear full costs of transportation/postage charges for JASPAT Products and/or Services delivered to their requested mailing address. The delivery charges may be completed through deduction from month end Profit-Sharing.
  2. In the event of the presence of JASPAT International Coordinating Centre (C.C.), in the vicinity of JASPAT Consumer, JASPAT Consumer will be required to proceed to JASPAT International C.C. to collect their redeemed JASPAT Products and/or Services.
Section 9 – Grievance Procedures And Violations of Agreement
  1. In any event, grievance or dispute among JASPAT Consumer may be brought to the attention of The Board of Consumer Affairs appointed by the Company in written notice. The decision of The Board of Consumer Affairs shall be final.
  2. In the process of the investigation of all grievances and disputes, the Company reserves all rights to withhold the Profit-Sharing, if any, of the concerned parties, until such time when clearance have been approved by The Board of Consumer Affairs in written notice.
Section 10 – Non Performance
  1. JASPAT or JASPAT Coordinating Centre shall be exempted from the responsibility for delays and failures in performances hereunder where it is made commercially impracticable due to circumstances beyond the party’s control, including, but not limited to: strikes, labor difficulties, riot, war, natural disasters, death or curtailment of the party’s usual source of supply or government decrees or orders, etc.
Section 11 – Termination
  1. JASPAT reserves the right to terminate the privilege of a consumer to participate in the business program for a violation of the agreement. The consumer will be notified in writing and any appeal must be addressed to the Company in writing within 3 days of the date of termination. The decision of the Company shall be final.
  2. JASPAT Consumer may surrender his/her privilege to participate in the business program with a written notice to the Company. Loss of privilege to Profit-Sharing will take immediate effect from the date of submission.
Section 12 – Renewal of JASPAT Consumer Profit-Sharing Qualification
  1. Renewal for JASPAT Consumer to continue to qualify to enjoy Profit-Sharing will be automatically initiated on a 12 Month Period from Date of Registration.
  2. JASPAT Consumer may opt to not to continue and terminate their status of JASPAT Consumer with a written Letter of Intent to the Company.
  3. JASPAT Consumer is liable for a Renewal Fee equivalent to ONE PERCENT (1%) of their Total Net Receivable Yearly Profit-Sharing.
  4. All Renewal Fees collected shall be redirected to the Global Community Development Fund (GCDF) of JASPAT INTERNATIONAL for the philanthropic purpose of People Helping People.
  5. As this is a charity oriented profit-sharing business concept, every individual JASPAT Consumer is compulsorily required to fulfill a consolidated yearly contribution of at least 10 events and/or otherwise new announcement of physical involvement/efforts towards JASPAT CHARITY EVENTS organized by JASPAT INTERNATIONAL. Failure to meet this minimal requirement could subject the JASPAT Consumer to be disqualified to enjoy any future additional privileges of JASPAT INTERNATIONAL Business Program.


Code Of Ethics for JASPAT Consumer
  • To carry out the Inclusive Sharing Economic Model of JASPAT INTERNATIONAL in the spirit of People Helping People;
  • To share equally with one another the JASPAT Business of JASPAT International;
  • To share JASPAT Business without discrimination in culture, religion, nationality, color, social status, etc.;
  • To feel JASPAT Business with philanthropy by sharing our wealth with the less privileged and needy;
  • To propagate JASPAT Business for world peace with one heart for all nations and all people;
  • To develop JASPAT Business for mutual benefit in close association with one another from heart to heart.

To Make The World SMILE With Us !